Noni Repairing MaskChin Mask

All in One

All along, we hope to combine
a variety of effects of masks into one.
Chin Mask makes it happen.

Your skin needs repair only.

Based on skin repair, you can improve skin health.
It can make you completely hooked to it in use.

This is a piece everybody loves.

You seem to have forgotten its existence.
Your first touch will get its response without words.

365 days of Thermostatical Fermentation& PRD Extraction Technique

The ingredients come from pure natural Noni fruits in the wild. After 365 days of natural fermentation under constant-temperature, constant-pressure and aseptic conditions, all fruits are produced into 28 grams of fermentation lotion. With PRD vacuum distillation technique, 0.84 grams of active substances in the fermented lotion could be extracted.

Natural Plant Fermentation and Extraction


The repair process of your skin will be reduced by over92%

Whenever and wherever possible

Completely caught up in a journey

of active repair away from hustle and bustle.

A good skin care experience needs a better carrier.

Tencel-Mask Tissue

Its ingredients come from coniferous trees of Oregon, US, which have soft and homogeneousmaterials with unique stomatal distribution. After the wood pulp is manufactured, the water solvent ammonium chloride is blended into it. Then the mixture is heated until it is completely dissolved. During the process of dissolution, no derivatives and chemical interactions has ever been produced. In this way, a unique mask raw material Tencel Fiber is made.

A Mask Tissue that Fits a Human Face Precisely

The mask tissue, by adopting brand new techniques and processes, precisely fits the curve of a human face and stretches to the jaw which has round edges. It serves up data from FaceDataset, an Asian Face Image Database and makes a prototype based on the golden ratio of Asian women faces. With brand-new high-precision facial dots, our product applies to over 92% of Asian women faces.

Silkier than the silk

Tencel Fiber, with Ring spinning technology, makes the mask tissue smooth and soft, with nostimulation or burden to the skin. It has strong air permeability and carrying capacity for essence, whichgives you the perfect experience between skin and essence.

To make a product with
"temperature (human caring)"

In order to convey the “original” sense in communications, we have selected the way humans express their feelings at a distance – the envelope.
It has selected super sensitive paper whose surface has received micro-coating treatment, and thus it has an opacity up to 90%.
The paper’s background color is simple but elegant and satisfies the visual comfort of today's readers.
Its acid free paper can be preserved permanently.
All of it above aims to make a product with "temperature (human caring)".

A good product requires more rigorous processes.

The design concept of affordable luxury and minimalism is applied to every detail of the product. Ten production processes reflect a craftsman’s spirit and thus the products have an individual style. Since the source of inspiration is life and nature, design of the products does not follow the beaten track and even integrates understanding and reflection on modern society. From the moment you open the package, you can feel its unique charm.

  • Ecological Planting - scientific planting technology accumulated through innumerable tests supports no fertilizer, pest control with only mechanical methods and all ecological planting.
  • Nicoler Dynamic Sterilization– generate counter electricity effect on plasma electrostatic field with high-frequency signals and kill negative bacteria for three times repeatedly
  • 365 days of Thermostatical Fermentation - all fruits are produced into lotion through 180 days of natural fermentation under constant-temperature and constant-pressure conditions.
  • PRD Active Extraction – with unique active extraction technology, every ten fruits can be produced into a drop of essence.
  • PET Aseptic Filling– PET Aseptic Cold Filling firstly sterilizes the material and then cools rapidly down to room temperature (25℃). The whole process is operated under sterile conditions.
  • Aseptic Package - aseptic package production lines use sterile space for sterilization to ensure that the entire packaging process meets sterility requirements.
  • FDA Eight Tests - good products require authoritative international standard testing.
  • Skin Test All Year Round – even the perfect formula needs careful observation of your skin all year round.
  • 90 Days of Biological Test – every successful formula is achieved through 90 days or 2160 hours of testing.
  • Essence Formula – senior experts of professional institutions, as core of the technology development, confirmed the essence formula through numerous experiments.

Lightsome, Thin and Breathable

fitting and breathable with feeling
of comfort when applying mask to the face.

More Essence

28ml skin care essence that helps
skin hold in moisture and nourishment
for a long time without dripping.


not easily be deformed or fractured

Three-dimensional Cutting

made to fit Asian faces,
closer to eyes, nose and mouth
not easily to slip.