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About us

Founded in 2015, CHINSH is not only a company of daily use chemicalsbut an innovation-driven Internet company. Specifically, CHINSH is an Internet company focusing on daily use chemicals, health drinks, smart products and e-commerce platforms. It applies the Internet development model andmakes products withgeek spirit.As the construction of product ecological chain adheres to an open and non-exclusive cooperation strategy, we will work together with industry partners to promote the construction of a healthy ecological chain.Our mission is to persevere in"designing good products for health lifestyle”,and allow every user to enjoy the wonderful life brought by CHINSH.

We adhere to the concept of “design for skin care routine”, continuously provide users with high-quality skin care products, and by using Internet thinkingmake breakthroughs in efficacy, experience, design, and process, only to provide better skin care solutions for users who thus could get easy access to better products.

Say goodbye to unfulfilled promises

Say goodbye to endless additions

Just right, all right

Constantly reflect on the relationship between people and products

Pursue self-breakthrough

is the original intention of Chinsh to design for skin care routine

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Here we have a great atmosphere for entrepreneurship. Everyone is keen to innovate and fight for the best. They can put forward original ideas whenever they want, so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of innovation. Chinsh not only makes products, but also leads the trend of the whole industry with its originality. Employees with multicultural background bring the collision of ideas. Join us and together we make a difference in the world.

Building No. 34, Sanshuilan Bay, Xiyuan Road, MeiLan District, HaiKou City, HaiNan Province, P.R.China.

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